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Top Five Must Haves From Ann Summers

Posted March 31, 2015 by admin in News
Rampant Rabbit The Metal One

Stuck with knowing what to buy? Sometimes it can be daunting, either buying your first pleasure giver or expanding your range, there is so much choice out there that it can be a little overwhelming… But fear not, we are here to help and with the great guys and gals at Ann Summers, we have come up with the top five must haves of the moment!

In at Number 1 is The Rampant Rabbit The Metal One, designed with pure pleasure in mind, it is made from a mix of premium aluminium and silicone. Why you ask? Different materials means different sensations, as you can cool or warm the metal end to experiment with temperature, you will soon find out what really rocks your World. It’s not just that, but the shaft is contoured for extra pleasure too! You might even say that at just 4.5 inches it’s not got enough power for you, but trust me, this thing REALLY gives what other can’t! It’s got 10 different functions for you to play with including some extra strong vibrations in the ears. Stylish, orgasmic and worth every penny! It’s number one for a reason!!!

 You can read more about it here

Rampant Rabbit The Mighty One PinkNot far behind at Number 2 is The Rampant Rabbit The Mighty One Pink. The most powerful of all the rabbits to date! It’s encased in sound reducing silicone making it super discreet (apart from the moaning and groaning from you!) It’s on a USB charger which means you don’t have to spend a fortune on batteries, although we wouldn’t recommend getting it out on your desk at work to charge! Most importantly the power has been upped with a fab new power motor to give you even more pleasure! It’s curved to hit your G-Spot and the rabbit ears have now been moulded into more of a heart shape to guarantee contact and coming! I honestly can’t sing it’s praises more. You have to try it and you’ll never look back!

You can read more about it here.

Rampant Rabbit The Silicone One - Neon PinkNumber 3 is the fabulous Rampant Rabbit The Silicone One – Neon Pink. It’s another great buy from Ann Summers as it is packed with 10 different functions, 7 pulses and 3 in the ears, so you get to have plenty of fun finding the right setting for you. It’s made from silicone which is not only silky smooth but also warms up to body temperature. There are 6 inches of pleasure to be had with this powerful must have toy from Ann Summers. Don’t forget to let your partner have a go too, rabbits are for you and them! Use it for foreplay or afterwards to get a powerful G-Spot or Clitoral orgasm, or just use it on your own for some penetration.

You can read more about it here.

Rampant Rabbit The Silicone Curved OneAt Number 4 is The Rampant Rabbit The Silicone Curved One designed to head straight for your G-Spot and give you an intense pleasure. Throughout the curved shaft there are perfectly positioned motors to spread the vibrations and increase the pleasure. There are 7 functions to go from gentle to powerful orgasms at your leisure. With a diameter of 1.9 inches and an insertable length of 5 inches, it’s not just your G-Spot and Clitoris that will get the pleasure, you get plenty of penetration too!

You can read more about it here.

Home Sex Toys For Your Clit and Inside You Rampant Rabbit The Little Slim OneLast but definitely not least is Number 5, The Rampant Rabbit The Little Slim One. It’s slim but packed with power! There are 4.5 inches of insertable pleasure, with a slim but wonderfully orgasmic diameter of 1 inch. Less scary but just as much (if not more) pleasure! A total of 10 functions mean you’ll have to spend plenty of time getting to know your new intimate friend, getting the feel for what really turns you on, which is no bad thing! It’s even designed with discretion in mind as it’s super quiet, even with the pleasure giving rotating beads!

You can read more about it here.

We hope it helped! We only listed 5 here but there is nothing to stop you treating yourself to all of them! Have fun!

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