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Top 10 Christmas gifts at Passion8

Posted December 11, 2012 by admin in Sales
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Christmas is a time for giving and receiving…and, shock horror, I like doing plenty of this! It can be difficult, even more the most experienced among us, to pick the right gift or else something you fancy trying.

Passion8 has made it so easy to choose something from their playful products. I can quite easily spend hours browsing through and reading up on sex toys and kinky clothes on various sites, but Passion8 have broken it down for our browsing pleasure. The Top 10 lists have proved popular with customers to choose from the best selling products in that range. Divided into different categories, you can choose from Top 10 Sexy Gifts for Her‘ In here are products including love eggs, vibrators, bullets and much more to keep you and/or your partner festively frisky. The Top 10 Sexy Gifts for Couples is one of my favourites that I’m agonising over at the moment. I can’t decide between a few products and might have to buy them all! These include sexy games, anal pleasure, sex stools and furniture to name a few.

You can also find costumes, corsets, body stockings, vibrating thongs and crotchless pants in the Top 10 Sexy Christmas Lingerie range. These come in a variety of sizes and are certain to make your Santa or Mrs Claus hot under the collar! Top 10 gifts for a Kinky Christmas sees a plethora of fantasy fetish items, bondage gear, nipple clamps and floggers for some debauchery to occur over Christmas.

Last but not least is the Top 10 Sexy Gifts for Him. Your man has to put up with all your sex toys and Sex and the City antics, so I think it’s only fair that you return the favour. Fleshlights, penis rings, anal toys and massaging toys are available for all his sexual needs.

If you are unsure what to buy yourself or your partner this Christmas, or are after a little something for both of you, it is definitely worth a look at the Top 10 range from Passion8. Whether you’re after something as a beginner or a more advanced sexual playtime, you are certain to find something in the Top 10 most popular products that will hit Santa’s sweet spot this Christmas!

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