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The Condom Factory

Posted August 28, 2012 by admin in Accessories

It’s OK investing in all these dildo’s and vibrators, but you need to be safe when playing (and in the flesh too). Condoms are one of those things that you often never think about buying online, usually because you get caught short on a date and end up paying over the odds in a vending machine or shop. So why not get some in ready. Keep a couple in your bag/wallet and keep the rest at home, should you be lucky enough to take someone home with you!

Condoms are actually really cheap to buy online, especially if you go to places such as The Condom Factory. They have loads to choose from and offer some bloody good deals. Leading brands in all shapes, sizes and flavours, what more could you want?

They say condoms have been around since the 15th Century, so let’s all stop being embarrassed about buying them, after all they stop accidents and diseases being spread! They can also be a whole heap of fun!

Textured condoms give that little bit of extra sensation for both partners.
Flavours take away that smell of latex and can make blowjobs way more enjoyable.
Climax Delays stop him coming to soon so you can make it all last longer.
Tinglers have added lube that creates more sensations as you get down and dirty.

And so on, and so on… The possibilities are endless when it comes to condoms, so go on, have a look at The Condom Factory and see what treats you can buy today. Test out a few different types and let us know which you like best!

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