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The Adonis Textured Two Inch Penis Extender

When you hear the name Adonis, you think of the God of beauty and desire. The Adonis Textured Two inch penis extender matches up to its name in that it is a thing of beauty and it will help to conjure up great desire between yo...


Doc Johnson Cock Master Large Penis Extension

Sometimes we all just want that bit extra in the bedroom don’t we? You want to make every experience more pleasurable and you want it to be even better for both you and your partner. Well look no further than the Doc Johnson ...


The Lidl Penis Extender

If you are looking for that something special to spice up a session with your partner then the Lidl Extra Silicone Penis Extender is definitely worth your attention. It is a translucent, silicone penis extender with added textu...


Thick Ur Dick Open Ended Penis Extender

Sometimes it is the case that we are dissatisfied with the lot we are dealt. Even if they don’t want to admit it, I’m sure there are many men that desire more length and girth but feel that they have be satisfied with what ...