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Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Metal Ben Wa Balls

I have recently revisited my (rather worn) copies of the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey books, and I can remember why they are falling to pieces. Whilst terribly unrealistic and quite poorly written, the sex scenes themselves ar...


Mojo enhancing toys

Sometimes, I am awful in bed. I don’t mean to have relations with, what I mean is, it can take me a while to ‘get going’ or else reach climax. Most women at some point in their sexual story find it difficult t...


Lelo Luna Beads

I have tried a fair few love balls or love beads, not for sexual pleasure ( although I have tried those too!), but for increasing your pelvic floor and working those inner muscles more. Working these muscles and training them c...

10-Speed Vibro Remote Egg

10-Speed Vibro Remote Egg

This is something that I have been talking about recently with friends. They were saying that most of us have used love eggs in the bedroom but never dared venture outdoors with them, purely because they’re scared that so...

Orgasm Multi-Speed Vibrating Love Balls

Orgasm Multi-Speed Vibrating Love Balls

Let’s not pretend girls…we all like to feel sexy at times. I like to think that the best orgasms I experience are when I’m feeling quite naughty and sexily playful. Whether I achieve this by investing in some...