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Forget Love in an Elevator, how about Love in a Box

My other half and I are always looking to try different things when it comes to our sex life and with so much variety out there in sex toys, sometimes making a choice can take up far too much of our valuable time. We, along wit...


Kinky Pink Bundle

Bondage, S&M, kinky pokery, whatever you want to call it, a bit of slap and tickle never hurt anyone (well, you know what I mean). Some people may look at sex toys, paddles, whips and bondage tape or rope as a darker side o...


Mojo enhancing toys

Sometimes, I am awful in bed. I don’t mean to have relations with, what I mean is, it can take me a while to ‘get going’ or else reach climax. Most women at some point in their sexual story find it difficult t...


Lelo Luna Beads

I have tried a fair few love balls or love beads, not for sexual pleasure ( although I have tried those too!), but for increasing your pelvic floor and working those inner muscles more. Working these muscles and training them c...


Fun Factory Teneo Uno Smart Jiggle Balls

Love balls are great for using with a partner, especially when you’re out and about. Not only do they give you that extra sense of sexy, they are an instant turn on, especially when your partner has the remote! Did you kn...

Girly Giggle Balls Love Balls

Girly Giggle Balls Love Balls

Sometimes, all you want is a little illicit fun, something a little risqué and naughty that no one else has to know about. Toy Joy’s Girly Love Balls are just the thing for those times when you want a little feel good fun wh...