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Final Reductions at Simply Pleasure – up to 75% off!

Simply Pleasure has a fantastic final reductions sale now on. You can get items with up to 75% off the original price. This includes all the essentials; lube, sleeves, pumps, bullets, vibes, inflatables, lingerie, anal beads, ...


Ann Summers Discounted Lingerie

Even though Valentine’s Day has been and gone, and those romantic days seem like a distant memory, who says that you should only be ‘sexy’ for one day. I’m a big believer that you need to work at keeping...


Up to 50% off Spring Sale at honeylicious.co.uk

Whether you’re after something for you, for your partner, or you’re looking for something that you both can play with, honeylicious.co.uk is for you. A fab online sex store that specialises in pretty much everything...


The Selene Glass Dildo

Whether or not you’re with someone on today of all days, one person you can rely on is you. Relying on your partner to bring home the flowers, or surprise you with a cheeky trip away, even a bottle of wine can be dangerou...


Bondage Comfort Position Strap

Sex isn’t as simple as you see in the movies. There is no way you just ‘hop on’ and away yo go, and you certainly don’t just fall down and light a cigarette instantly after playtime. Sex is a little more...


Gold Plated Rechargeable Vibrator Heat Control

Glass dildo’s are great…but the thought of them can be pretty scary. It took me a while to branch out into the glass dildo world as, call me a pessimist, I was scared it may break. I overcame my fear, and was glad I...


O-Gel Candy Floss

Giving oral sex can generate and stimulate a lot of pleasure. It has been scientifically proven that what we eat can massively affect how we taste, down there – especially with men. The more protein you consume, the funki...


Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet Twin Vibrating Cock Ring Set

Rightly or wrongly, I always used to associate love rings / cock rings with seedy nightclubs where you could purchase them in the toilet vending machine for a couple of quid, and that after one use, you had to throw them away. ...


Mystim Balzac Ribbed Ball Dildo

Metal. What does this image conjure up for you? I think when someone says the word ‘metal’ I imagine hard, cold, jail, hospital beds and an instant sort of dull feeling or picture. I don’t think I would have...


Party in your Pants – Remote Vibrating Knickers

Have you seen the film ‘The Ugly Truth?’ I am a huge Katherine Heigl fan, and fancy myself a bit of rough in Gerard Butler, so of course, I have seen the film. The story line itself is pretty shocking, but there is ...