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Recycle old sex toys for new! Lovehoney’s new Rabbit Amnesty Scheme

Posted January 16, 2013 by admin in News

It’s not necessarily the norm to find on a sex toy homepage, but today sees Lovehoney.co.uk launch the world’s only environmentally friendly sex toy recycling scheme. Rabbit Amnesty.

New regulations have come into play that state you can’t just chuck your old vibrator or bin your bullet with your other rubbish. You must dispose of it at a designated waste disposal unit. Whilst there are over 1,000 electrical waste centres that have been set up, can you imagine the embarrassment of popping along to your local site when you bump into old Mr Smith who you’ve known for years who’s getting rid of the microwave, or your best friend’s Dad who’s handing over of an old TV…and you have a rabbit in one hand and a dodgy dildo in the other? 

Lovehoney has come to our rescue and are offering more than red cheeks for your old sex toys. They ensure that the old toys are disposed of correctly, and that as much of the toy is recycled as possible. They also donate 50p of the toys worth to a green charity, as well as give you ‘Oh! Points’ so you can put these towards buying a new toy! They will even take your old household appliances in conversion for points, so you can have a guilt-free shopping experience, knowing you have saved yourself the embarrassment and potential money!

All you need to do to be part of the new scheme is sign up and away you go. There is an Oh! points calculator to show you how many points you would receive for various toys. So what are you waiting for? Have a dying dildo? A vicious vibrator? A bullet that’s biting the dust? Be responsible and recycle, and you could get something for nothing!

for more information on the Lovehoney Rabbit Amnesty Recycling Scheme, please visit the website.

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