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Loving Joy Slide Lubricant 50ml

Posted September 21, 2012 by admin in Reviews

Sometimes you just need a little helping hand, or slick, to get you going, and Loving Joy’s Slide lubricant is just the thing to help give you that delicious slide. This little bottle of lube will give you more pleasure than you can imagine, with just a small amount going a long long way. Great value for its price, this little slicker will give you a nice big bang for its buck.

Water based, paraben free and non-staining, you can slip and slide with this anywhere, and it’s safe for use with condoms too. Just one word of caution, it’s not the nicest tasting so, unless that’s your thing, perhaps refrain from sticking it in your mouth. As with most water based lubes, it will dry out after a while, so don’t be alarmed if you need to use it several times when settling in to a marathon session.

Safe for use with toys, even silicone ones, this lube is a great option for adding some slick and slide whenever and wherever needed. Smooth, not too runny and definitely not sticky, this is a great lube that won’t leave you feeling like you’re sticking to the sheets. Just be careful if you have particularly sensitive skin, although it is preservative free it does contain glycerine and sugars that can cause a mild allergic reaction for a small number of people. If in doubt, always do a skin sensitivity test first!

Perfectly sized for travelling, great when you need to grab something then and there, and so easy to open (especially one handed), this little bottle of lube will become your new best friend in no time. Discretely packaged, you won’t be leaving any evidence behind of the fun you’ve had and it won’t stain or mark if it does end up anywhere else but on you or your partner.

Consistently receiving high ratings from users, Loving Joy’s Slide lubricant is one of the best choices for a small, travel sized bottle of lube that’s perfect for mind blowing fun both home and away, and all at an unbelievable price!

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