Honest Reviews of Dildos and Vibrators and other Toys


cock straps

E-Stim Systems Electro Straps

When electro simulation was just starting out we didn’t have the joys of conductive rubber loops, instead we had the E-Stim Systems electro straps, pretty straight forward to use, great value for money compared to many other ...


Purple Anal Starter Dildo

The very word may strike fear in people’s hearts (and bottoms) but anal can be quite enjoyable. The first encounter you may have had with ‘anal’ is associating it with gay porn, or porn full stop for that matt...

The Boobie Warmer

OK…so it may not be a dildo that I’m reviewing today, but it is something that is very humorous and something that will keep you warm against the snow and cold band of weather hovering over the UK at the moment...

Metal Padlock Restraint Bars

Metal Padlock Restraint Bars

50 Shades of Grey reaffirmed my love for all things kinky. The thought of your partner tying you up and becoming sexually savage with us makes most of us growl with a primitive delight. For others, it can be super scary. The Me...

Earthly Body Naked in the Woods 3-in-1 Massage Candle

Earthly Body ‘Naked in the Woods’ 3-in-1 Massage Candle

Do you think that it’s not fair that men can get so aroused so easily most of the time? Now I’m game for sex or at least some sort of sexual play a lot of the time, but other times, it takes me a while to get in the...


Dual Locking Suction Handle

Sex in the shower is a slippery affair, one fraught with the possibility of slips, trips and falls that could potentially be sure to end the fun in a trip to A&E. For many, the risk of injury and the inability to find or ho...


The Condom Factory

It’s OK investing in all these dildo’s and vibrators, but you need to be safe when playing (and in the flesh too). Condoms are one of those things that you often never think about buying online, usually because you ...