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Rampant Rabbit The Expanding One – Because Length Isn’t Everything

With length being the top discussion point with a lot of women, it’s easy to forget about the other aspects of the male anatomy that are also important such as girth. Ann Summers have taken all of this in to consideration and...

Rampant Rabbit - The Cock Ring

Rampant Rabbit The Cock Ring – Who Said Dogs Were A Man’s Best Friend

Whilst cock rings are as common to men as a vibrator is to a woman, the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit range have been a little slow on getting on the bandwagon, but finally it’s arrived, and I can guarantee that it doesn’t dis...

cock straps

E-Stim Systems Electro Straps

When electro simulation was just starting out we didn’t have the joys of conductive rubber loops, instead we had the E-Stim Systems electro straps, pretty straight forward to use, great value for money compared to many other ...


E-Stim Systems Ultra Pack

The E-Stim systems ultra pack is considered to be the ultimate starter pack for those just starting to explore the experience offered by electro simulation sex toys. The Ultra pack combines the Intro2Electro for Him and Intro2E...


E-Stim Systems 2B Series

If you have experienced the world of electro simulation before and are now looking to see what else you can do then the 2B Series of power boxes from E-Stim is definitely the next step for you. I have seen this been mentioned b...

Conductive Rubber Loops

Conductive Rubber Loops

The E-Stim conductive rubber cock loops are an essential for guys using electro simulation products from E-Stim, whether you are a beginner looking to start experimenting and building up your E-Stim products or an experienced u...


Intro2Electro™ for Him

Electroplay is a relatively new concept which is bringing endless pleasure and opportunities to experiment for men, women and of course couples! This particular E-Stim product, the Intro2Eletro for Him is perfect for the guys w...