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Icicles No 12 Rose Glass Dildo

If you’re looking for a bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day, may I suggest you make an alternative decision and choose, a rose yes…but a hand-blown glass rose dildo. The Icicles No 12 Hand-blown Rose Glass...


Purple Anal Starter Dildo

The very word may strike fear in people’s hearts (and bottoms) but anal can be quite enjoyable. The first encounter you may have had with ‘anal’ is associating it with gay porn, or porn full stop for that matt...


Jimmy Jane Form 3 Pink

As I’m sure it won’t surprise you, I love oral sex. I don’t mind giving it, but I really enjoy my man going down on me. Gone are the days when we just lay there and take what’s being done to us. I don...


Lovehoney Sexier Life Starter Pack

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I always like to get things going in the bedroom. I know a day shouldn’t define when you ‘love’ your partner more or less, but Valentine’s Day for my partner ...


Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand and Free Swing

We have all made a joke about having one, having a go one one, wanting to have a go on one with Brad Pitt perhaps? Well, now you can own your very own sex swing for a fraction of the cost, and without the worry of your ceiling ...


The Little Rooster Vibrator Alarm

Now, ladies, I’m sure we have all woken up with a ‘gun’ in our backs before, but how nice is it when you awake from a wet dream. Yes, ladies have them too and they are brilliant (well, mine are and if you have...

WIN Sexy Valentine’s Day Bundle with Bondara

YOU COULD WIN A BUNDLE OF EXCITING PRODUCTS FROM BONDARA WORTH OVER £100! Bondara are offering you the chance to win over £100 worth of products by entering their online competition. There are four ways for you to enter: Foll...

First 100 customers receive discount at Passion8!

Passion8 has released 100 discount codes that could save you up to 25% off your order. Passion8 has just released some amazing offers, allowing you the chance to receive up to 25% off your overall order. This means that you can...


Muse Clitoral Rabbit Ears

Like you should all know by now…rabbits are my friends. I like them. they are the original in bringing sex toys to the forefront and mainstream market (largely thanks to Ann Summers and Sex and the City). I love the desig...


Sportsheet Neck & Wrist Restraints

  Valentine’s Day is coming up, and why don’t you make it a time for you and your partner to try something new? I tend to recommend toys as a fun and sexy way to get aroused together and try different things ou...