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Archive for January, 2020

Temptation Mini Anal Vibrator

Are you new to anal play and feel a bit intimidated by the bigger toys on the market? If so, then the Temptation Mini Anal Vibrator might be something you can rely on to start off with. As the name suggests, this vibrator is sm...


Fleshlight Sex in a Can O’Doyle’s Stout

Have you ever wanted to be totally selfish and satisfy yourself without having to think of anybody else? Grab hold of this and allow yourself to get lost in the world of the Fleshlight. The Fleshlight Sex in a can O’Doyles St...


Black Jelly Vibrator 8 Inch

It’s not often that you find a decently priced vibrator that can deliver on pleasure. The Black Jelly Vibrator 8 inch can give you length, girth and the vibrations that will send you to the moon and back. It is made from a je...


Promise Me Vibrator

Fancy something sleek and pretty that is designed just for you? If you do then the Promise Me Vibrator is a toy worth taking a look at. This would make the ideal purchase for someone who is just starting out with vibrators. Go ...


Jelly Double Dildo

Everyone likes something a bit different and you can get that difference with the Jelly Double Dildo. At an amazing 18 inches, this dildo really has the length to satisfy anyone who is hungry for an impressive toy. You could us...


Two-Way Clear Glass Dildo

Dildos are a great way of having a good time, whether it is on your own or with a partner. This dildo is something special. The Lovehoney Two-Way Clear Glass dildo is made from shiny, transparent glass and is covered with beads...


The Ro-80mm Bullet Vibrator

Sometimes we just need a little something for ourselves don’t we? The Ro-80mm Bullet Vibrator has been designed specifically for that purpose. It is the perfect toy to set aside for some alone time or maybe that evening with ...


The Indulge Clitoral Vibrator

It is not very often that us ladies find something that is designed so perfectly for us. The Indulge Clitoral Vibrator has been designed with women in mind and is just the toy if you want endless, intense clitoral orgasms. This...


The Adonis Textured Two Inch Penis Extender

When you hear the name Adonis, you think of the God of beauty and desire. The Adonis Textured Two inch penis extender matches up to its name in that it is a thing of beauty and it will help to conjure up great desire between yo...


Basic G-spot Dildo

The Basic G-spot Dildo does what it says on the tin really. It would be perfectly adequate for vaginal penetration, but it definitely is the perfect place to start if you are thinking about enjoying anal penetration or you want...